Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, we did the BAER testing on Tuesday. There were no surprises there. ALL breeds of dogs have some genetic problems, some with far bigger problems than Dals. Deafness is a continuing problem for our breed and genetic testing seems to indicate that as long as we having spotting deafness will occur. Puppies can be Bilateral Hearing in both ears, Unilaterally hearing (only one ear hears), or unilaterally deaf. Even breeding many, many generations of Bilateral Hearing puppies we will still produce deaf and unilateral hearing puppies. The good news is that while bilateral puppies are what we hope for, unilaterally hearing puppies will make GREAT pets - they just should not be used in a breeding program. Unilateral hearing puppies/dogs are virtually indistinguishable from their bilaterally hearing litter mates. Many breeders can't distingush the different puppies, even after closely observing them for several weeks. Experienced observers MAY be able to tell which puppies/dogs are unilaterally hearing; although it's much more difficult to tell which ear is affected.

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