Thursday, July 2, 2009


Tuffy’s Toys are the most durable toys available. Google Tuffy Toys and you will find hundreds of links. They are our dogs favorite toys. Long lasting, I have a couple that have withstood several years of fierce tugger battles and while they be a little shredded on the edges, they still squeak! They get my 5 Star rating. I personally plan to add a couple to my new puppy box.

And Kong toys also make a great addition to your puppy play box. They are puncture resistant and chewer friendly. This toy can be filled with treats, cheese or peanut butter, great for keeping the puppy occupied for part of the day while he is home alone. They even have a dental line that assist with helping your puppy’s gums and teeth clean. Kong's Wubba Dog Toy line is an interactive play toy for dogs. The Wubba has a squishy head on top with 4 tendrils (this toy looks like an octopus) flowing down. Dogs can grab the tentacles and shake this toy and will enjoy the squeaker inside.

Vinyl toys are NOT recommended. They will only last seconds and the parts left over can easily be swallowed. The same can be said of most squeaky toys sold in Walmart and at pet stores.

Ropes toys can easily be torn apart and the fibers ingested. If you want to encourage tugging, make your own by braiding fleece strips, and then ONLY allow access to this toy when you are there to supervise.

It is a rare Dal that doesn’t delight in seeing how quickly they can destroy their new toys. And all those pieces can then be ingested. I have personally known of several Dals that had to have surgery to remove blockages caused by toys.

While Tuffy Toys and Kong Toys can be pricey, they are virtually indestructible and will last for many years. And don't forget - please supervise your puppy with all new toys until you are sure it is safe and won't be destroyed and/or swallowed.

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