Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Puppy Bonding

Linda hasn't had a chance to download cute puppy pictures today, so here is a cute picture of Daddy Corey at about 8 weeks. I think a couple of the puppies have his very nice head type, but I don't remember those BIG ears!

More on how to help form your puppy's personality from Day 1. Ever wonder why they bond with one person more than another? I think that sometimes they just "pick" us out, but more often we on purpose or by accident develop that sense.

When Saturn was born he sat at the back of the box and said "I get to stay". Because my husband wanted his "own" boy and because I was very busy with Saturn's dad Dusty, we helped that happen. How? Well, I of course, fed and trained everyone. BUT, real interact was with Don. When Saturn wanted to play the tug was given to Don. When he was tired and wanted to snuggle, it was in Don's lap. All really "fun" things were done with Don. I set the rules, did the training and fed him, but Don took him for fun runs in the field, car rides, and play times. At 12, Saturn will spend time with me, but given his choice, Don will always win out.

Corey was to be my boy. I spent the fun times with him, starting with tracking, tugger, classes, play times, snuggle times. While he will snuggle with Don if I'm not available, have no doubt who his "real" person is.

So - who is suppose to be your puppy's "person"? Remember all the little things that will help that puppy bond with their one special person. While Dals are great with families and will listen to and respect everyone they are taught to, there will be that one "special" person that they would RATHER be with. Part of that great loyality with love in our breed.

Oh - and Carina is a "joint" person dog. Will go with either of us just about the same - we must have trained for that without even realizing it!

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