Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Here are a couple of pictures of the puppies learning about toys. At this stage they are more collectors than players. They grab a toy and run to the dog bed, and then go look for more.

And because it was FINALLY a Sunny Sunday in Maine their Grandma Carina got to go for a long trail ride. Roxie the paint mare took an hour to reach the mountain top, but can back down in 40 minutes - she walks so much faster when headed home. And what I really love is letting Carina do what Dals were bred to do - go out with "her" horse. What a fun way to spend the morning.

And then we visited pups and spent time evaluating them. Always a learning process for all involved. Visiting the puppies is not a quick trip and I spend hours just playing and watching them grow. Amazing how they can change even over a few days time.

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