Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ELGIN (BLEVE) and his new family

Today the first of the pups went to their new home. Elgin's new family Jeremy and Erin were well prepared for the new addition. Elgin's new name is BLEVE a firefighter's term. We have been working on teaching him his new name and what a smart boy he is. By the time they left Erin had him well on his way to learning a proper sit. He even tried one of his dad's famous "sit pretty" poses. Some things just seem to be passed on!

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  1. Thank You Linda and Sara for your hard work. We know we received a pup with a very positive start. It's up to us now.....of course we will need some guidance from you two sooner or later! Once he's a bit bigger he will be a call member at the Twin Mountain Fire Dept. and maybe some day a career firefighter dog..Who knows? I know his favorite calls will be the station pancake breakfasts.