Saturday, July 11, 2009


The puppies had a busy day today with some new adventures. They got to eat their breakfast of goat's milk, ground chicken and yogurt outside in the big dog yard in the sunshine. That was the first time they were in that setting and it didn't phase them a bit. They are getting very adventuresome and much braver.

They had lunch of Merrick Puppy food outside on the grass and them some outside play time. It was warm and sunny and they enjoyed being outside.

Now they are interested in climbing on things and we encourage that! Hopefully there will be some agility stars in this group.

Speaking of agility stars, grandma Sara took Carina, Violet and Corey to an agility trial for the weekend. Violet is an aunt to the pups. Sara and Violet qualified in the Open Jumpers Class with an entry of over 20 and Violet got a 1st place. Corey also qualified in his Novice Jumpers class to finish his title. Hopefully they will do well tomorrow as well.

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