Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking for a new home

A friend contacted me today about a Dalmatian looking for a new home. He is black spotted, 14 months old, neutered, super friendly, and very well trained. This young guy has had lots of obedience training and comes with great house manners. Unknown how he would be with cats. Because of his friendly nature he should be good with kids, but might need to learn how to not play too hard with them. If you know of anyone who might be interested please feel free to drop me an email and I will forward the information along.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amber's First show

Here is a picture of Amber - PatchMt's & Blackthorn's Atlantic Time at 8 months old. Amber is owned by Linda McSherry and Janice Dorey from Nova Scotia and went to her first dog show last weekend. Shown by Janice, Amber was Winner's Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex on Saturday. On Sunday they were again WB/BOS PLUS Best Puppy and a Puppy Group 1! 2 shows = 2 points. What a great way to start!

We couldn't be prouder and I think it's fairly safe to say Janice and Dean couldn't be happier.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Spring Massage

Because a friend asked for some picture of dogs being massaged, Spring got a special treat. Here she is laying in front of the wood stove having a massage on her front shoulders.

Her grandmother Carina always gets one before and after every agility run. It helps loosen her muscles, and then relaxes them again after all that jumping and twisting. Carina will even spread here back legs out - frog-dog style - so I can run her thigh muscles. Since she closes her eyes and falls asleep it must feel good.

And a massage is the BEST way to calm Corey during thunder storms and high winds. He particularly likes his head, neck and ears rubbed.

Why not take a Tellington Touch seminar and find out what YOUR dog enjoys best?

Agility Trial

Last weekend was a fun agility trial weekend in the Northeast.

While the local Gordon Setter club was the host, everyone commented that maybe it should have said a Dalmatian club instead. Only 2 lone Gordons, but 6 Dalmatains.

First, Elaine Hamill was there with Alvin and Linus. We got to Alvin do a great Excellent Jumpers run on Saturday. One would never guess his real age. Still sound, healthy and happy at eleven. One can only hope their own dogs hold up so well. And I believe Linus qualified in both his runs on Saturday. Sunday I wasn’t in the building as much and missed some of her runs.

Carina got to add ANOTHER title to her name by qualifying in Open Standard Preferred on both Saturday and Sunday, with a first and a second. She also qualified in her Jumpers run on Saturday but knocked a rail on her Sunday run. Its hard to jump and sneeze at the same time!

Linda McSherry and Maeve also had success on Sunday, qualifying in Excellent Standard for Maeve’s second leg. Maeve has only run Excellent Standard courses 3 times and has 2 legs – way to go Brown Girl! Maeve is also known as CH PatchMt’s About Time VCD1 OA

Dawn Eliot-Johnson’s hard work paid off with Ghost qualifying in his Novice Jumpers class for a first place. That is their first agility leg and was very exciting to see such a good run. Ghost is also a wonderful therapy dog – doing visits to the local hospital and nursing homes, not to mention the elementary school Title 1 reading program. Ghost is aka CH Blackthorn’s Lucas’s Legend RA CGC TDI

And finally Corey had really good runs on Sunday, smooth, focused, perfect weave poles, – but his incompetent handler caused NQ’s on both courses. I could hear my instructor telling me how I goofed up – and she wasn’t even at the trial! Point here – don’t point there. And poor Corey did just what I told him to do. Good dog – bad handler.

And it is so much fun to take our Dals and continue to have active fulfilling lives after they have finish their Championships. Wonderful compliments about our handsome and stable temperaments dogs. What a fun weekend all around.