Sunday, July 19, 2009

Puppy Photo Shoot

Today the puppies had a big adventure. They went to the New Gloucester fire station for a picture taking session with a professional photographer, Angela Schwartz. She is doing the photography for a fundraising calendar to benefit the fire department. She will be posting some of the photos on her website/blog at http://www.angelaschwar

There were many, many pictures taken with the firemen and a 1928 fire truck. The puppies
were great ambassadors, giving kisses to anyone who wanted to hold them. Trying to get active puppies to actually stay in one place was quite an undertaking, but everyone was patient and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the pups. The puppies' father, Corey and grandmother, Carina were also active participants in the process. It was so nice to see how gentle Corey was - this was his first opportunity to see and play with the youngsters. Carina offered her many tricks, and was also very good with the little spots.

There should be some great shots - I can't imagine how many pictures Angela took in the 2 hour session. The shot above shows how tired the pups got - and what happens when puppies play hard and long!

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