Sunday, May 31, 2009

Continuing Education

Since Linda insists on Maeve not having the babies under the woodshed, she is trying to find a place inside that meets her's (that is MAEVE's requirements). So far she has tested the down comforter, under the parson's bench and now - lets try the smallest dog bed in the house! Doesn't look like there is much room left over for babies!

Many professions require recertification and annual training - from doctors to teachers. BUT there isn't any requirement for someone to call themselves a dog trainer, much less require attending further training. I'm always leary of dog trainers who no longer continue to learn themselves. Always ask your instructor at puppy/dog class what their training and qualifications are. Do they continue training or take regular classes themselves? Even Tiger Woods has in trainer! Breeder and exhibitors can alway expand their horizons and learn more.

When the winter months set in Linda and I look for seminars to attend. I have always learned something at one - sometimes not as much as I had hoped, and others that far exceeded my expectations and left me wanting to know more. Of the 3 we have done in the past few months, 2 were in the very good to outstanding category, at least for us. Again, not everyone likes the teacher, the presentation, or any number of variables. But, I would highly recommend a Tellington Touch seminar for anyone who wants to learn how to massage their dog and connect on a very calming level. One of the methods we learned was working with dogs during thunderstorms. Corey does not like them and wants to crawl in my lap and be held. Not lots of fun with a 60 pound dog! Using TTouch methods he actually curled up on the couch and fell asleep during one last night. What a difference!

And then the tracking seminar with Ed Presnell just left me wanting more. Can't wait for his 5 day Urban Tracking Camp at Colby College in Waterville Maine. I tell everyone that Carina is going to college - Colby no less - over the summer for some college credits!

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