Friday, May 22, 2009

And the Other Grandparents Are

Ozzie is a very sound and healthy dog owned by David and Cheri Durdel in Michigan. He was the pick from Zena's first litter and everything they wanted in a show pup. Ozzie has Sawyer’s handsome good looks, his Mommy's showy attitude, and a tail that never stops! He or brother Hagar won the first nine dog shows they were entered in. Not a bad way to start off a show career! He finished his Championship easily with multiple breed wins over Specials and had multiple Specialty Award of Merits in 2002. Ozzie was a wonderful show dog and his traits complimented Carina very well.

Ch PatchMt C Pepper N Paisley (with all her performance titles!)Carina is small, only about 40 pounds at her idea fit and trim weight. She loves all dogs and people, and loves to play with everyone she meets. And because she gives off such good signals, all dogs seem to like her, too! It took Sara and Carina a while to develop their communication and team work, but then they started earning many performance titles. On the agility course Carina seems to know where to go with little obvious effort, although when the mood hits she may still decided to pick her own obstacles.

Last year Carina and Sara traveled to Northern Virginia to competed in the Dalmatian Club of Greater Washington’s Annual Road Trial. Carina added the RD title to her name. Her titles also now can included the CPC (Champion Performance Certificate and PAC (Performance Accomplishment Certificates) letters, as special recognition from the Dalmatian Club of America. Carina was only bred once, and had 11 puppies, 5 of which became champions and 4 of those also have performance titles. Her daughter Daisy has an all breed Best in Show win and several Dalmatian speciality wins.

Carina will continue to compete in many events, including VST (Urban tracking) and more agility trials. She is not done adding letters to her name yet!

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