Monday, May 25, 2009

This is where Maeve really wants to have her babies - on the down comforter!
Maeve was busy on Sunday helping Richard set up the whelping box. Dogs would really rather nest in the place of THEIR choosing, but who wants to let them pick? Maeve's mother Gracie was convinced she was going to have her first litter under the wood shed. Linda had to be very creative on methods to block her out and then just keep her under constant supervision. Grace didn't see anything wrong with sharing the space with dirt and spiders!
Supplies are starting to be gathered. A heat lamp will be turned on once the babies start to arrive. Puppies cannot generate their own body heat and are entirely dependent upon Mom's body heat and in our case the heat lamp. Linda even has a specially made puppy incubator for when puppies are temporarily separated from the Mom. That, too, is ready and handy.

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  1. Hey, Sara,

    Tell my brother we need to see more pictures of sweet, fat Maeve! Before those little ones arrive!
    Great blog - I've already learned a lot.

    Janice McSherry