Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toe Nails

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Here is a picture of Maeve on Saturday morning - Day 59. Puppies should be due any day now. Probably Monday, since that is NOT a good day work wise for either Linda or me!

And today I MUST do every body's toe nails. The saying is that if you can hear the dog's toe nails click when they walk across a hard floor, they are too long. So, Corey's are clicking AGAIN, seems like I just did them the other day.

There are several ways to keep nails short, using a variety of nail clippers, grinding them, or just taking your dog to the local pet groomer or vet. I'm always amazed that some people pay such a large amount of money to have their vet do something that is easily done at home. Of course, one trick is to start early, and let the pup know that they don't have to like it, but they must tolerate it.

While I use to clip nails, I always seemed to cut them too short and make them bleed. While no dog has ever died from too short nails, it made them that much harder to do next time. Now I always grind, and start my puppies right off that way. I have heard very mixed review about the "PediPaw" grinder and would not recommend investing the money. I bought my grinder - a "Dremel" tool at the local hardware store. They also sell them at most Walmarts in the tool section. Mine to battery operated - no cord to hassle with - and variable speed. At the lowest speed it is VERY quiet and as the dog gets use to it you can increase the speed.

TREATS are always part of the procedure. When you start grinding you may have to do 1 toe - give a treat, do 1 toe - give a treat. Now when all the toes are done the dog of the moment gets several. And by grinding I don't have rough nails to catch on things and the look of so nice. Want further instructions just let me know!

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  1. Which dremel grinding attachment do you use? I imagine it's one of the stone type one's. Coarse or fine?