Friday, May 22, 2009

Puppy Preparation Part 1

Maeve is getting larger by the day. Soon she won’t be able to sneak into her favorite hiding spot under the bench. She is now getting feed 4 small meals a day. As the puppies grow they take up so much room that there’s not much left for food! Laying down and getting comfortable become more difficult, too. The puppies are moving around and you can see and feel when they seem to actually kick out at the sides.

Maeve is ALWAYS telling Linda how hungry she is and Linda is doing the fine balancing act of making sure she is getting the proper amounts of food with the right nutritional needs without having her get fat. To make the whelping process easier Maeve needs to be in good weight and good muscle condition. The muscle condition comes from several walks around the property a week and ensuring lots of yard time for free exercise.

This will be the weekend to set up the whelping area. Although puppies aren’t due for over a week, that week will fly by. And it always seems like you need to add one more thing – to make sure there are plenty of necessary supplies on hand. Breeders use a variety of whelping boxes, large cardboard boxes, plastic swimming pools, pre-fabricated boxes are just a few. Many years ago Richard made Linda a wonderful wooden box, and painted it white with spots – of course! This box will be set up in a corner of the living rooms, surrounded by wire pens and draped with blankets for privacy.

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