Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ch Aberdeen's Sawyer Brown ROMX

Ch Paisley PatchMt Amazing Grace Am/Can CD NA RN RD ROMX

As proud as we are of Corey and Maeve, we are equally proud of their grandparents and the dogs of the past.

The letters ROMX stand for Register of Merit Excellent. The purpose of the Registry of Merit (ROM) program is to honor these top producers. By awarding a ROM title to deserving producers, it gives the club a permanent record of Dalmatian history and will serve as a learning tool in pedigree study and research. The eligible number of champion offspring for a ROMX is 20 for sires and 8 for dams.

Linda purchased Maeve's mother, Gracie (Paisley PatchMt Amazing Grace CD NA RN RD) from Sue MacMillan in Minnesota. Gracie is one of those rare dogs who never would dream of being naughty. Once she had the house breaking down, she has slept on Linda's bed, always tucking into a nice ball at her feet, never crowding and asking for more. In performance competition she was rarely out of the ribbons, even being High Scoring Road Trial one year. Road Trials, horses and Dalmatians will be a subject for a later article - stay tuned!

Acting on Sue's advice Linda bred Grace to CH Aberdeen's Sawyer Brown. He was a lovely liver dog who lived in Chicago with John and Kris Benoit. Although he doesn't have any performance titles, he was a wonderfully temperamented dog and a great ambassador for the breed. He was also a ROMX, having sired xxx number of champions.

Many of Maeve's cute antics can be traced back to Sawyer, with heartwarming, similar tales from other people who have been privileged to enjoy Sawyer kids. We hope that fun loving personality continues on down through the pedigree.

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