Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do those initials mean

Corey shown competing in agility at the DCA National in 2008

When a puppy is registered with the AKC, the breeder and owner decided what it’s official AKC name will be. There is no requirement that the puppy’s call name be similar to its registered name. Most breeders use their kennel name, or some abbreviation of it, as part of the name, but the rest is the hard part!

After the dog starts to accumulate AKC or other organizations titles, initials start to be added to the dog’s official AKC name.

For example:

Am/Can CH Blackthorn Coreopis of PatchMt TDX RN NA Can TDX

“Corey” has been awarded his Championship title in both the US and Canada. This title is based on dog shows and how he conforms to the breed standard. After his name the letters designate performance titles. Any AKC registered dog is eligible to compete in performance events.

TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) To earn this title a dog must successfully followed a track “scent” left by a stranger walking approximately 800 yards through fields, over walls, across road, etc, and find 4 items dropped at random by that person. This track is at least 3 hours old.

RN (Rally Novice) This event is a demonstration of basic obedience, done on leash, doing such things as downing at the owner’s side, coming to sit in front, and walking nicely on leash. This title is a fun way to show how you have trained and worked with your dog. Now days many obedience classes work towards preparing dogs for their Canine Good Citizen test and Rally Novice title.

NA (Novice Agility Standard). Here the dog must negotiate a course of jumps, tunnels, dog walk and other obstacles in a course established by the judge on that day. This is done off leash and can take quite a bit of training to have your dog work dependably in an area full of many distractions, including other dogs anxious to do the same thing! Agility is a GREAT game to learn to play with your dogs.

What do they all REALLY mean? Our dogs are such a part of our families that we enjoy doing a variety of things with them. We want to show the public how well trained, socialized and bred our Dalmatians are. And it is a wonderful way demonstrate what great work ethic and temperaments they have. They can and do so much more than just stand there and be pretty.

“A well balanced dog has a title at both ends”

Tomorrow we will explain Maeve’s titles. Her titles are slightly different, with their own types of challenges

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