Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, it looks like today might be the day. I've always wondered why people would want to have a litter of puppies so their kids can "Watch the miracle of birth". While I agree it is a miracle, the process is not one I would care to have young children exposed to!

First, you start with 24 hours of pre-labor. Restlessness, panting, nesting, and just making you wonder when it will actually start! That is where we are at, 8:30 Monday morning. I zoomed into work VERY early to get the worst things done and Linda has been working from home. Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

Then the process itself is NASTY! After half a dozen litters I've learned to not actually gag, but it's not a pretty sight. We plan on a towel for each puppy and lots of paper towels for clean-up. I have a friend who breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs and always just plans a C-section so she doesn't have to go through this whole process. That is much harder on the mother and not something I would prefer, but is considered the norm in many breeds. Fingers crossed we don't have to use that particular option.

Hopefully we'll be pretty busy her soon and we'll let you know the results later.

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