Sunday, June 28, 2009


It was a raining day in Maine so no playtime outside for them today. We did have some visitors for them to meet and make friends with and the puppies got to have some new adventures.

Today we started them on goat's milk fresh from the farm down the road. They are still nursing but we are starting to wean them with warm goat's milk and egg.

We started "stacking" the puppies or teaching them to stand squarely. They seemed to catch on fairly easily and this helps us look at their structure.

Grandma Sara does a very good job working with the young puppies. It isn't always easy to get 3 and a half week old pups to hold still. We make it fun and they learn that it is a good thing. We usually do this once a week or so and photograph them so we can see their progress and it helps us evaluate their structure. We save these puppy photos and refer back to them over time. We have the same photos of their parents "Maeve and Corey" at that age to compare to if we so choose.

Sometimes a puppy will look just like one of it's parents did at that age and sometimes it will look like a combination of both of them. This is not unlike looking at human baby pictures and figuring out who they resemble.

Sometimes they stand squarely very easily and all the parts seem to just fit. Some puppies you can make look great but it takes work. My experience has been that the ones that it is easiest to stack are the ones that are built correctly.

We are very pleased with this litter of puppies. They all have dark eyes (no blue eyes) and markings are very good. Trim is coming along nicely and it looks like they all may end up with good trim.

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