Monday, June 22, 2009

Yard Safety Continued

So, I'm back from a very successful agility trial. For people with Carina in their dog's pedigree, they can now update it to read: Ch PatchMtn C Pepper N Paisley TDX RE OA OAJ NAP NJP NF (then there are those many other non-AKC titles that stay the same for now).

This was posted on the Show Dalmatina list and I thought it ver ypertinent to all. Remember that household plants can be very toxic to pets - cats and dogs. Check to make sure none of your pets have access to your house plants.


Greetings form the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital. Our goal is to make our clients the most educated pet owners in the community.

Recently the home improvement stores have stocked their shelves with a plant called the *"Sago Palm".* This is a decorative houseplant that you may be tempted to purchase.

If your pets ingest ANY part of this plant it will cause liver failure. Even with aggressive veterinary treatment 70% of these pets will die. We implore you to keep your household free of this plant. We are devastated when we are unable to help your pets.

Go to our website and get a look at this plant.

www.burnthillsvetho <>

We hope this will help keep your pets safe. Feel free to give us any feedback on this information and any other topics you would like to be educated about.

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