Monday, June 1, 2009

Still Waiting

Remember I said this wasn't fun. 20 hours later we are still waiting. This is called Stage 1 labor, nesting, panting, not eating, small contractions, but not hard labor. The books say this can last 24 hours, and Maeve is proving them right. She has eaten small snacks of pork, and yogurt and honey, but doesn't want a regular meal.

Linda and I can remember litters without the wait. Her first Dal, Emily, had her first puppy under the dining room table without realizing she was even in labor. I remember growing up and my older brother Joe and I watching TV while our beagle had a litter start behind the couch. Were they easier litters or we were just numb? Probably just numb. Now we are always so worried and concerned for the mother we stare at them and don't want t miss anything in case they need our help.

So, could be an all nighter. Linda and I have at least had a chance to read all the whelping books for the 20th time and even some puppy training books in the process.

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