Monday, March 21, 2011


Boy, finding time to do a blog is a whole lot harder when the puppies are at your house!

Thursday was a LONG night. 3 boys were born at the house, then hours of straining with no puppies. An emergency C section ended up with 1 more boy and 2 girls. All are doing great, except the smallest boy is struggling. Hope he makes it, but as I have been told by the best "Raising puppies isn't for the weak of heart". Fingers crossed our little guy pulls through. Violet is the best of mothers, showing she always tries her hardest at any task asked of her.

Pictures will follow when I get the &(*&_ camera to work. Needs new batteries, but I can't open the access part. Running out of patience when I have so much to do!

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  1. Those Puppies are so cute! I would love to pet them! I bet they love their owners!