Friday, March 25, 2011

1 Week Old

Today they are 1 week old. They are growing by leaps and bounds. With only 5, Violet has plenty of milk and is doing real well. She now has a bed of her own right outside the whelping box. She can lay there and watch over them, but doesn't need to be directly under the heat lamp. Let one of them cry, though, and she immediately gets in the box to make sure all is well.

Grammy Linda comes over most days and we talk and gossip while both sitting in the box with Violet and puppies. We need our daily "puppy fix"

Had a local horse club meeting last night. Only a small club of "older" riders, mainly interested in doing trail rides in lovely Western Maine. We have a ride scheduled for Poland Springs and one for Andover. Should be lots of fun and laughter, with no real competition in place. I get enough of that at the dog shows!

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