Monday, October 4, 2010

Finger Lakes Show

While this photo was not taken at the Finger Lakes show, I wanted to post it. Corey and Spring sitting at the Cape Cod Shows.

Sure had mixed results at the shows on the Finger Lakes in beautiful central New York. COLD and WET = MUD and miserable conditions.

I showed my sister's Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Arthur. What a nice puppy. She has done a really great job starting her first show dog. He was solid and confident on the grooming table and happy to let the judge exam him. Still needs some polish to be real competitive, but very nice start. Now to let him mature so when we do show him some more he can win! Arthur sure was friendly, happy and out-going even under noisy tents and around more dogs than he has ever seen in one place. Love his temperament.

Dal judging was a very mixed bag. Thanks again to my sister for helping me keep things in perspective. Only a dog show, and only that one judge's opinion on that one day. Corey did end up with 1 Select Dog award - for another major and 4 points towards his Grand Champion title. Up to a total of 18, all 4 awards have been majors.

And Spring was very competitive on Sunday shown at the last minute by my friend Stephanie. Maybe we'll keep her out and about some just so I have something to show to keep myself busy.

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