Friday, August 21, 2009

Shots, Heat and Storms

Well, hopefully everyone has been to the vet's this week for their puppy booster shots. Depending on your vet's recommendation, that should be the last Parvo/Distempter shot they need for a year. Next year at this time we will do 1 booster, then they should be good with that course for many years.

Rabies vaccinations will be given in a month or so. Because our dogs are out in the fields a lot and I do see bats flying around the dog yard in the evening I don't want to delay that for too long, but I also don't want to compromise any immune systems by too many shots too close together. Rabies is absolutely required in all states, and frequency preferrably being an initial, a booster at a year, and then on a 3 year cycle. Corey and Violet had their 3 year booster yesterday to match that schedule.

And when I was a Walmart getting my tracking photos they made an announcement about a dog in a car. All I could think was "What idiots. They don't even deserve to own a dog". Temps in the 90's and leaving the dog in the car while they shop in the air conditioning! And we KNOW the line never moves quick in that store. It only take minutes for heat stroke to hit. Try sitting in your car with the windows only slightly open and see how hot you get. Not a pleasant experience.

And, storms are predicted for this weekend as Hurricane Bob passes off the coast. Think I'll really make my husband Don wonder if I've really gone dog crazy. Let's take the puppy out and play in the rain and thunder. Learn that SPECIAL treats happen during storms. Just might help prevent the fear of thunder storms as Spring grows up.

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